New Schedule & Map

Hey Everypony! Only a few days left before Brony Fan Fair 2013!

We have a last-minute important announcement. We had some changes that needed to be made to the morning section of the Friday schedule.

We’ll be using the tabletop gaming room for panels on Friday morning until opening ceremonies at 3:30PM. After that, tabletop gaming room will revert to a gaming area and the rest of the panels will be held in Main Events, Panel Room 1 and Panel Room 2 (with the exception of the pearler bead cafe which will be in Princess Celestia’s Solar Sanctuary on Sunday. There are no scheduled panels for Princess Luna’s Lunar Lounge).

The con booklet has a map of the hotel, but newer maps will be posted to reflect the changes of certain locations due to this alteration in the schedule.

BackEntry_3 (2).pdf

We have approximately fifty-nine events for you this weekend! Better be prepared to put those time management skills to the test because that is over 59 hours of compressed pony excitement for you over the course of three days! Can you handle it? CAN YOU?

Prepare yourself pony fans! Brony Fan Fair awaits!

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