BFF 2013 Announced!

Prepare for Brony Fan Fair 2013!

It’s official! Brony Fan Fair 2013 is go! The first-ever brony convention in Texas will return to the Lone Star State on September 13-15, 2013.

Take a look at that date again and you’ll realize that BFF2013 is gonna give you a little extra this year. The convention is now three days long! That’s a whole ‘nother day of extra programming to satiate your pony needs.

In addition to the extra day, the BFF staff has taken into consideration some ways to improve the convention. We will be returning to the Holiday Inn Midtown and will now have access to the entire convention floor. This allows for more flexibility when it comes to panel planning. Last year, we only had 3/4th of the Main Ballroom to work with, but we have added four additional rooms, including a lecture hall. This has nearly doubled the size of the convention space since Brony Fan Fair 2012, increasing our capacity for more people, more events and more pony! We want you to have fun and we’re working on giving you an even better pony experience than before!

The BFF staff has also planned a few new things this year, including a new gaming room, a FANimation room with 24-hour fan animations and PMV’s, and a Very Important Pony (VIP) program.

Pre-registration starts at $25 till January 25th February 15th. On Jan. 26th February 16th, the price will raise to $30 per ticket and then increase one more time before the convention, where on-site registration will be $40. But if you’re already planning to go, pre-register now and save yourself some money! Help us beat those pre-registration numbers of 300 from last year.

You helped us make BFF 2012 a memorable experience. Now let’s work on making the second year even better!

EDIT: By the time we had pre-registration ready, the January 25th deadline for a $25 has passed. We’ve changed the date to February 15th and we apologize for the trouble.

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