Pre-Registration Closed, Memberships available at Door

With less then two weeks before the convention, we just closed pre-registration with exactly 200 pre-registered. Thanks to everyone who pre-registered! Not only did you secure your pass to our convention, you’ve also played a part in supporting our convention.

By pre-registering, members have helped support our endeavors in preparing our 2014 year for everyone who’ll be attending. More specifically, you’ve helped us get our industry guests, get our name out there with flyers and convention promotions, support our venue, and tons of other stuff that we would not be able to do had you had not pre-registered.

If you didn’t register before the our cutoff date, you can still pick up memberships at the door at an increased rate. We will have day passes, Sat-Sun passes, and weekend passes available.

Thanks, everyone and we’ll see you in less then two weeks!


2014 Schedule of Events Now Available

Thank you everyone for waiting! We’re excited to make the first draft of our schedule of events public for everyone to view! Lots of fun panels and events to be had, including our signature Sing Along and Whooves Line is it Anyway panels! If you haven’t noticed already, we’re also big on promoting the art of cosplay so don’t be afraid to stop by one of our cosplay panels to learn more from our veteran cosplayers.

Attendees over the age of 18 will be pleased to see an increase of mature panels for our late night programming (after the youngin’s have gone to bed). Our Guests Uncensored is back for its third year and we have no idea what will be discussed or even what will happen (part of the fun!).

You can view the schedule here or click on the link in our menu above.

We also want to add a special thank you to everyone who submitted a panel this year. Without your help, making this convention extra fun would be super difficult. If you haven’t already received an email about the acceptance of your panel, expect one from our events coordinator, John Baird, soon!