Guests Round 2: Natasha Levinger, Rina-chan, Holly Gloha

We’re proud to announce our next guests and cosplay judge! Our first guest announcement in this round is a writer whose work was aired during season 4 of Friendship is Magic, while our second guest is a returning community guest who has been to both of our previous year conventions. Our second cosplay judge this year is a community favorite veteran cosplayer who is returning to our convention as a judge for the second time!

Natasha Levinger is a comedy writer and perfomer. She is a UCB alum and has performed in a variety of improv shows there and all over NYC & LA. She also co-wrote and performed in the hit show TwiSchool Musical at UCBTLA. She currently writes and co-stars in the web series My Sister, the Date Monitor, and has a podcast with comedian/musician Nate Shelkey called The RoCo Review. She has rewritten and written features for various studios, as well as TV movies for NBC and Oxygen including My Sexiest Mistake for which she won the The Gracie Award from Women in Radio and Television for Outstanding Comedy. Currently, she is very happy to be writing for My Little Pony.

Kira Buckland (Rina-chan) is a voiceover actress from Southern California. She has voiced a variety of characters in anime (Blue Exorcist, Accel World, Lagrange, Blood Lad, Magi) and video games (Skullgirls, Castle Crashers, Bravely Default, Mugen Souls, Dangan Ronpa 2) and many more.

In the pony fandom, she has contributed voices for a wide variety of fan projects, often as Twilight Sparkle (PONY.MOV series, Double Rainboom, Re-Enacted by Ponies, etc) and created the “fanon” voice for Colgate/Minuette with the Brushie song and Pony Dentist videos. She is also an aspiring DJ and singer and has contributed vocals to many songs in the fandom, the most commonly known being “Lost on the Moon” and “Hooves Up High”.

Kira recently had the opportunity to voice match Twilight Sparkle and Spike in a licensed Hasbro product: the My Little Pony Power Ponies by PlayDate Digital, available now on the app store.


Holly Gloha is a cosplayer and professional “attention seeker” who has been costuming for about six years. She has created and modeled costumes from anime to video games and comics. You could even say she’s addicted to it! Over the years she has won a feature on (as Rarity) and, as well as various awards at cosplay competitions around the state of Texas. While her various accolades speak to her craftsmanship as a cosplayer, she insists that there’s still a lot of costuming construction she’s learning and loves to share her accomplishments and trials.

She often shares the tutorials and pattern she uses on her deviantART and Facebook page. Find her on deviantART as HollyGloha or like her page on Facebook as HollyGloha Cosplay!


Call for Panels

Brony Fan Fair is looking for events and discussions run by Brony Fan Fair attendees. Running a panel does not cost extra and is FREE. Head over to this page if you’re ready to submit a panel! You may submit more then one panel idea.

More specifically, we’re looking for panels that will cover the following topics. Let us know if you’d like to run one!

  • Convention Etiquette
  • Parents of an Attendee
  • Photography
  • Cosplay Chess
  • Pony Specific
  • Workshops
  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Kids Programming
  • Non-pony fandom specific (Like Doctor Who, Naruto, etc.; We’re not picky)

Don’t see anything you’re interested in doing? That’s just fine, don’t hesitate to still submit your unique panel. You may have something we never knew we needed!

Additionally, if you get AT LEAST three hours of programming accepted by our events staff, you’ll be eligible to receive a complimentary weekend badge for our convention this September 2014.